Tips for Permanent Fat Loss

Unfortunately the internet is awash with poor advice when it comes to tips for permanent fat loss. Rather than trawling instagram for hacks, tips and cheats, I would argue the best place to look help is research studies that have looked at how people have lost significant body fat for prolonged periods of time (especially since it is commonly known that people who lose fat often gain it back, sometimes more).

One such study, is the classic National Weight Control study from 1997. This research paper only followed people who lost 60 pounds or more and maintained this fat loss for over 5 years.

The following habits were discovered among this group of women and men:

  1. All were physically active. On average they exercised for 250 minutes per week.
  2. The quantity of  food they ate was measured.
  3. Successful individuals also monitored levels of saturated fat in their diet. 
  4. Subjects kept a weight change chart.
  5. Most individuals weighed themselves at least once per week.
  6. A significant number of the group ate a healthy breakfast.
  7. Subjects also ate a large variety of different foods.

Although this study is relatively old, I do think there are some timeless pieces of advice to follow if people are looking for long term fat loss advice, especially in a era where advice seems to be based on very little scientific evidence.

By Daryl Browne MSc