Online Training

For those who have trouble committing to set training times that make 1-2-1 training difficult, my monthly online training programmes are perfect for you. I create a bespoke online training programme that is specific to your fitness goals, your current fitness level, areas of weakness and almost considers any injuries you may have. These are not generic workouts!

Online training provides you with workouts that can improve your strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility (or all 3!) all via a simple-to-use app. The app uses videos to guide you through the correct technique of every exercise that I’ve selected for you. It also monitors personal bests, your weights used as well as how many reps and sets you’ve performed. It even tells me when you’ve skipped a session (leading to a swift text or phone call from me!

Online programming is perfect for those who want the support of a professional coach and also those who require a regular challenge and some accountability. Online exercise training programmes are offered for:

  • losing weight (more specifically fat)
  • muscle gain
  • running strength
  • arthritis (OA & RA)
  • multiple sclerosis
  • knee replacement (post surgery)
  • hip replacement (post surgery)
  • lower back pain (low/medium risk)

Some clients like to supplement their online training programming with a monthly 1-2-1 session (location dependent) or a monthly Skype consultation. This allows us to concentrate on technique of exercises as well as goal setting.

Person working on a laptop about online training