Personal Training

Daryl is an expert at providing support for a full range of personal training goals and requirements.

Starting off with an informal initial consultation, we determine the type of training you need based on your objectives. This establishes the number of sessions per week needed, the duration of the program and the program design.

Personal Training Services

Daryl is able to accommodate most issues and goals, just let him know where you want to go and he’ll do his utmost to support you. Various types of personal training we have offered to clients before include, but are not limited to:

  • Fat loss programs
  • Strength conditioning (muscle strengthening)
  • Pre natal┬ápersonal training
  • Post natal┬ápersonal training
  • Posture correction

Sessions last for 1 hour.


Basic nutrition advice can be delivered informally during our training sessions but we prefer a structured approach and work alongside a team of highly qualified dieticians who specialise in nutritional advice. Please contact Daryl directly for more details.

Further Work

We also work alongside some of Harley Street’s best osteopaths, chiropractors and GP’s so we would be delighted to recommend any other health practitioners you may need in addition to your personal training regime.

Contact Daryl to learn more.