Post Natal Exercise

How long will my post natal exercise sessions be?

Generally 45-60 minutes. In the USA, The Department of Health and Human Services suggests 20 minutes a day of ‘moderate intensity’ post natal aerobic exercise. Unfortunately no-such time guidelines are offered for strength training post pregnancy.

Resumption of exercise will be progressive. The intensity of our sessions is more important than time spent doing exercise. Training too vigorously when breast feeding may increase levels of lactic acid potentially leading to the rejection of your milk.

What type of post natal exercise will I do?

A combination of aerobic (walking, cycling, cross training) and strengthening exercise. Stereotypically large muscle groups are trained to get new mothers into shape quickly and are considered the best way to return (or start on the road!) to full fitness. With my clients I focus on 8 to 10 specific ‘new mother movements’ that focus heavily on strengthening during bending, holding, squatting, twisting and lower back strength. Importantly, the Transverse Abdominals (TVA) or deep abdominal muscles should not be overlooked. This ‘corset’ muscle is gradually weakened and lengthened over the 9 months and should be worked as hard as the rest of the bodies muscle groups.

When can I start post natal exercise?

Post natal training advice is often very important to my female clients as one pregnancy can differ from another. Whether you had a vaginal delivery or a C-section generally dictates when you can return to exercise. 6 weeks is recommended for a ‘normal’ birth whilst I generally prefer to wait for GP clearance for C-section.

Always consult your GP/Consultant before commencing an exercise regime during or post pregnancy. To commence one of my specialised pre or post natal training packages please go to my ‘contacts’ page.