Posture Seminars for Businesses

21 Days to Perfect Posture 

Daryl decided to write ’21 Days to Perfect Posture’ as a result of treating so many clients who were in discomfort from ‘poor’ posture. His best practice 64-page guide aims to help employees manage discomfort associated with long periods of sitting or standing.

21 days to perfect posture with Daryl Browne

His ’21 Days to Perfect Posture’ seminar describes what causes bad posture, how to tackle it and why tackling ‘poor posture’ is such an important issue for companies to tackle. All company employees will receive a free PDF copy of the ’21 Days to Perfect Posture’ ebook to help individuals practice techniques learnt and thus offset the effects of bad posture.

Seminars last between 45-60 minutes long. Available at lunchtimes and evenings (daytime seminars are available if booked more than 1 month in advance).

Please contact Daryl directly to learn how a posture seminar can improve the wellness of your company employees. Seminars are available anywhere in the U.K.

Reviews from attendees of the seminars:

‘I would highly recommend Daryl for his services. Daryl conducted his ‘21 Days to Perfect Posture’ seminar in our offices and the feedback from our staff was great! Everyone loved the seminar and found them beneficial ‘. – Tower Research Capital Europe

‘I followed Daryl’s 21 Day Posture Program after he came to the office and presented it. Very impressed by the easy to follow nature and definitely noticed a difference in my back pain. He was very approachable and was happy to explain the exercises’. – RPS Group

‘Brilliant presentation with practical advice’. – Citypoint Health Club

‘The presentation was delivered at the right speed, participation and speed’. – Citypoint Health Club

According to Survey Monkey questionnaires completed by company employees who have so far successfully finished the 21 Day program:

‘100% of employees felt their posture improved’.

‘100% of employees felt less pain’.

‘100% of employees felt their flexibility and core stability improved’.

More wellness seminars topics are also available including:

  • ‘Exercise and Longevity’
  • ‘How to Increase Exercise Adherence in Employees’

Bespoke ‘Wellness Weeks’and ‘Wellness Months’ can also be designed for companies seeking a longer term wellbeing strategy for their employees.